After qualifying to FPL at the end of February, details have emerged that genghsta may not have done it entirely legitimately

Report: Bribery alleged in FPL-C

Per a tweet by tyfoon, genghsta paid players not to queue for FPL-C on the 28th.

Last night, FPL player Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic posted a Tweet accusing recently promoted FPL player Amgalan "genghsta" Nemekhbayar of attempting to pay off players on the last day of FPL-C in order to prevent Justin "FaNg-JC-" Coakley from overtaking him in the FPL-C standings.

Following up on this claim, reached out to numerous players who played FPL-C over the course of February to determine the veracity of this accusation. After doing so, multiple players claimed that genghsta discussed offering $10-$15 in order to get them not to play.

When looked through the FPL-C match records, only two matches were played on the 28th. When compared to the three matches played on January 31st and the five played on December 31st, this number is not exceedingly strange.

We are unable to determine how many players accepted genghsta's offer, however multiple sources claimed that Blake "Blakers" Reynolds did accept money to not play FPL-C on the 28th. When we reached out to the player, he stated that in reference to tyfoon's earlier Tweet:

tyfoon's statement was correct but he's making the situation way bigger than it is. It was dumb of him to make that tweet and the situation isnt as big as you guys think.

We also received a screenshot of a PayPal transaction from one of our sources, who stated that it was to a third player after the player promised to  genghsta that he would not play on the 28th. We reached out to the third player, and he confirmed that he had accepted money from genghsta. However, he told us that he "took [the money] but I still stayed in queue, basically scamming him".

When we reached out to genghsta about the matter, he denied all accusations of offering players money to not queue FPL. When pressed on the PayPal transaction and whether he had an explanation for why he was sending players money, he told us:

I do, but I can't get into that, ask me again after the Major.

Following this statement, when asked what any of this had to do with the Major, the player refused to give further comment stating that he would rather "let the [FACEIT] officials  decide if [he's] guilty of offering people money to not queue." 

At the time of publication, FACEIT have not made a public statement regarding this matter, however are aware that an investigation is ongoing. Interestingly, although Malick "dangle" Abid has already started to played in FPL, genghsta is yet to play his first match on the service. According to FACEIT's website, any form of boosting  or unsportsmanlike conduct can carry bans ranging from 1 month to permanent, decided on a case by case basis.

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