Laski has moved from "Backup & God" to full-time member of Mythic

Mythic complete roster with Laski

After joining the team as a streamer in the middle of 2018, Laski now claims a permanent spot on the roster.

Mythic have added Leonardo "Laski" Arroyo to complete their roster following the departure of Eric "adreN" Hoag for Liquid. Laski was previously brought on board under the Mythic banner in the middle of August, when he was signed to the organization as their "first ever standalone stream team member."

The last change to the Mythic roster came in February of 2018, when Alexander "LeX" Deily stepped down from the roster to focus on Battalion 1944 and was replaced by James "hazed" Cobb. Since then, the team has competed in a multitude of qualifiers as well as ESEA's MDL, achieving middling placings in the majority of their runs while continuing to focus on streaming their matches. 

Laski last competed in MDL as a part of Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien's subtLe roster in  Season 27, with the team finishing the season in 14th place with an 8-8 record. He also made a brief appearance for Swole Patrol in Season 29 when he stood-in for Braxton "swag" Pierce in one of the team's MDL matches, going on to attend the WESG USA Regional Finals with the team in place of Edgar "MarKE" Jiminez due to the tournament's nationality restrictions. 

With Laski's addition, Mythic's roster now looks as follows:

  • United States Todd "anger" Williams
  • United States Erik "fl0m" Flom
  • United States Adam "Polen" Polen
  • United States James "hazed" Cobb
  • United States Leonardo "Laski" Arroyo

ESEA MDL Season 30 is set to commence on January 14th, with Laski likely making his debut on the squad in their first matchup.

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#1(With 1 replies)
January 10, 2019 05:14PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
why they make my boy laski the brown one
#2(With 0 replies)
January 10, 2019 06:23PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
I think he was already brown... Want to see what the team does for igl now
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