The W's keep coming for steel and Ghost

EPL Week 2 Recap - MIBR and Ghost through to Odense

Ghost have qualified for their fourth international major event this year.

EPL Season 8's second week has wrapped up, with MIBR and Ghost already achieving 49 and 43 points respectively, locking them into the EPL Finals in Odense, which will take place later this year in December.

This week featured over double the matches of the previous week, with 102 maps having been played in total.

MIBR cleaned house in Week 2, winning 11 out of their 12 scheduled matches, slipping up only to eUnited in a 14-16 game on Mirage. However, 2-0 wins over NRG and Liquid — two of the strongest teams in the league — put MIBR firmly in first place, which they will likely retain all the way to Odense.

Ghost were similarly up to the challenge, with the North American team winning 10 matches out of the 12 total they played in the week. Ghost found 2-0 wins against Envy, Renegades, Rogue, and Luminosity, while dropping only one map to both compLexity and INTZ.

Envy have been down on their luck lately, but did manage to find one win against compLexity in a tight 16-14 comeback on Cache. Rogue have been similarly lost, with the team still unable to find their groove with Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend. Nonetheless, the team managed to find two map wins against Envy, as well as a surprising win against Liquid on Cache. 

With a majority of the matches now done, the last two weeks of the league will be drastically smaller in comparison. However, the games will still be as, if not more, important, for they will decide which teams will move onto Odense and which will be forced to play in relegation.

Some of the important upcoming matches to look out for in Week 3 can be found below:

Matchup Date Time
Cloud9 vs Envy October 30th  7:15 PM EST
compLexity vs Rogue October 30th 9:30 PM EST
Envy vs Luminosity November 1st   7:15 PM EST
INTZ vs compLexity November 1st 9:30 PM EST

The current standings in EPL can be found below:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 Brazil MIBR 20 17 3 +107 49
 Canada Ghost 18 15 3 +75 43
 Australia Renegades 18 12 6 +48 38
  Liquid 18 11 7 +40 34
 United States NRG 18 11 7 +51 31
 United States eUnited 16 7 9 -26 21
 United States Cloud9 16 7 9 -9 20
  compLexity 14 6 8 6 19
 Brazil INTZ 16 6 10 -27 19
 United States Rogue 18 5 13 -57 16
 Brazil Luminosity 18 4 14 -91 12
 United States Envy 14 1 13 -117 4

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