CEVO Gfinity Spring Week 6 - AZIO reach the top 3

The highly-anticipated roster have risen to 3rd in the sixth week.

The sixth week of the CEVO Gfinity Spring season is in the bag, with AZIO overtaking Infamous and Grizzlys to reach 3rd place. With AZIO taking the lead, both Grizzlys and Infamous have fallen to 4th and 5th respectively. oNe and Mythic remain as the top two teams in the league, with oNe still undefeated.

Here are the top 16 teams as of August 27th:

Team Wins Losses
 Brazil oNe 14 0
 United States Mythic 12 3
 United States AZIO 12 1
 Canada Grizzlys 11 5
 United States Infamous 11 5
 United States Fam143 10 6
 United States Arial Arise 9 7
 United States Really Old People 9 4
 United States Las Vegas MiniGunners 9 3
 United States Glockoma 8 7
 United States EGO  8 8
 United States STORMBORNS 8 8
 Canada Zclan 7 6
 United States 13th Hour  7 8
 United States Enter Uprising 7 8
 United States Upsetti Spaghetti 6 8
 Canada Dans ta yeule 6 9

Following a forfeit-loss to Really Old People, Enter Uprising have been removed from the league, having forfeited four games so far in the regular season. Enter Uprising are not the only team to be removed from the league however, as forfeits continue to pile up in the league, with 18 Week 7 matches being forfeited alone.

Among the top 10, Glockoma and Las Vegas MiniGunners have dropped a few places since last week, with Arial Arise rising once again to 7th, up from 9th after a win against STORMBORNS. Fam143 continue to sit comfortably in 6th place, despite losing three matches since last week and undergoing roster turbulence. Fam143 also performed exceptionally against AZIO, beating the team despite their higher placement.

Some upcoming matches this week are:

 United States Mythic vs  United States Las Vegas MiniGunners Aug. 27 9:00 PM
 Canada Really Old People vs  Canada Zclan Aug. 27 9:00 PM

As mentioned last week, CEVO Gfinity rosters are set to lock on September 6th at midnight leading up to the end of the regular season. Stay tuned for more action as the CEVO Gfinity Spring season reaches the playoffs stage in the coming weeks.

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August 27, 2018 08:53PM
who are half of these teams
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August 27, 2018 10:08PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
you're so out of the loop lmao it's so sad, upsetti spaghetti is the like the new eunited, give it some time you'll see them winning qualies and play on LAN. they're so good but they need time, they aint even al dente yet.
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August 27, 2018 10:26PM
who doesnt know arial arise??
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August 28, 2018 03:35PM
arial arise going in
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