The very slick Asian is now free to join a new team

vSa and seb released from Ghost

The two inactive players have been let go by their organization after being benched.

Andy "vSa" Xu announced on Twitter earlier that he has been released from the Ghost organization. has learned that Sebastian "seb" Bucki has also been let go from the organization, explaining his presence in the lineup for BlackOut's MDL match last night. It is expected he will formally sign with BlackOut sometime in the next week.

The good fortune means that the team will no longer need to search for a player, after playing their previous matches with Ryan "GRAMPZ" Baber.

Both players were benched last month after Ghost signed the remaining core of Torqued, as the organization looked to shore up an EPL roster that narrowly managed to avoid relegation.

With seb expected to sign soon, BlackOut's official roster will be:

  • Canada Connor "CONNOR93" Glover
  • United States Chad "oderus" Miller
  • United States Michael "MAiNLiNE" Jaber
  • United States Sebastian "seb" Bucki
  • United States Collin "wrath" McSweegan
  • United States Jeremy "Jeremy9000" Gray (Coach/Manager)

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July 7, 2018 03:11AM
vSa would be a sick addition to any team in MDL. hope to see him back in action soon
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