FalleN had his big break in CS:GO on KaBuM in 2015

Gaules to help KaBuM re-enter CS

The organization made famous by FalleN's squad looks to return to CS after nine years.

Brazilian organization KaBuM is planning a return to Counter-Strike nine years after last fielding a team, according to interview with KaBuM's CEO Julio Cesar Trajano on the MD3 podcast. While the organization hasn't been in the space for many years, it is well known in the Brazilian scene as Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's KaBuM.TD lineup became the first Brazilian team to qualify to a Major in CS:GO — although they would leave shortly thereafter to join Keyd Stars.

As part of their return, KaBuM's CEO also announced that popular Brazilian streamer and broadcaster Alexandre "Gaules" Borba will be part of the project, lending his huge fanbase to the project:

"Our project is to start expanding. These days I was with Gaules, who I met a year ago and became a fan. He gives me a lot of insights. I brought him to talk to our managers at Magalu [KaBuM's parent company] and he will help KaBuM enter CS."

Dust2 Brasil has reported that the organization is already looking at players and teams available on the market and has plans underway. The organization's goal is to qualify to a Major in 2025.

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