Complexity stickers would go up if they just bring back the swoosh

Complexity GM on sticker sales: "Copenhagen has been a return to the norm"

A lot of talk about sticker sales today.

Do not expect bombshell sticker sales for team that attended the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major. As Complexity General Manager Graham "messioso" Pitt has cautioned, the last Major has been a "return to the norm" after the incredible figures reported from the 2023 Paris Major.

HLTV and Dust2 Brasil reported that there was a staggering $100 Million USD being distributed to teams and players from the Paris Major sticker sales, with some teams earning as much as $4.25 Million and players themselves earning up to $250,000 due to the extended sale. Complexity and Liquid were in the highly lucrative Contenders Stage capsule which gave teams the most money. The Legends capsule earned $3.5 million per team, and $200,000 per player, and the Challengers capsule saw teams earn $2.6 million and $200,000 per player.

Aleksey "NickelBack" Trofimov said players would be earning anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000 per player, which would align with what players had earned at the Paris Major, which again, was the most lucrative event for stickers in recent memory.

Now, messioso took to Reddit in response to the article to provide some context from his perspective. "So much of the talk around stickers is so misleading it hurts to read", the General Manager said in response on the forum. When asked to elaborate, he explained he could not as they had to sign a document indicating they would not share financial numbers upon submitting items to the workshop.

However, he would expand on the context and explain that "Paris values were absurdly higher than any other Major and has warped peoples minds. Copenhagen has been a return to the norm and I'm sure a lot of people gambling on or hoping for a big payday are scratching their heads."

The conversation around stickers and the Major heated up in the leadup to Copenhagen when critics decried that simply making the Major was more important than performing in the bi-annual event itself due to the financial incentives. However, making the Major might look differently in the future as Valve is rumored to be planning for a future without the RMR LAN qualifying events.

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