Compete in Dust2's IEM Chengdu Playoffs Fantasy League

My success is in Twistzz's hands.

Building off of' Chengdu Group Stage Fantasy, we're happy to unveil the Playoff Fantasy where you can compete against other readers! The winner will, as usual, receive a badge in the forums and a special role in the Discord to flout their profound Counter-Strike knowledge over us noobs.

So, what will it be? Are you all in on the Liquid hype train? Are FaZe finally going the break their Grand Final curse? Or will it be MOUZ to once again flounder on stage? Is it time for G2 to lift a trophy? Or perhaps Virtus.Pro? If you know the answer, then join up and prove it! For the group stage, temperforge came out on top with his Hoofty team, betting on Astralis to take him to playoffs. Can you do better?

You can sign up at the link below, but also make sure to join the Community Discord to discuss your team with others, crush the competition, and show off your cool flair when you win!

Create Your Fantasy Team

Join the Community Discord

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