Envy are looking to minikerr for personal training help

Envy look to minikerr for personal training assistance

The former CS:GO pro has joined Envy in Dallas for a week of training with the roster.

Former Rank S streamer and now-retired CS:GO player Kyle "minikerr" Kerr revealed on Twitter yesterday that he had landed in Dallas in a bid to help Envy as a personal trainer. 

When contacted by Dust2.us, Envy's coach Zachary "Eley" Stauffer told us that minikerr had joined them in Dallas as part of a "consultation/test week to see how things go" as the latest effort by the team to "make sure everyone is living well-rounded lives."

minikerr is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and wants to encourage more activity in the esports industry, previously tweeting that "if you’re a Pro esports player / Full time streamer don’t give me that bullshit that you don’t have time to workout. There’s 168 hours in a week. Give me three of those hours and I’ll change your life forever."

Eley further elaborated that a focus on mental and physical fitness was something that he and Noah "Nifty" Francis believe are important for every player to focus more on, praising the team's in-game leader as "very forward thinking in terms of sustainability for players to have longer and more successful careers."

Envy recently topped the Relegation phase of ESL Pro League Season 9 to retain their spot in the league for Season 10. The team currently await the start of the season following the end of the player break, with no events currently on the horizon for the roster aside from EPL.

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Dust2 Birthday cake!
good to see him back
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small frame
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fake news
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Dust2 Birthday cake!
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could be a solid backup
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