JKranny dropped by ESL Impact team

The team is changing things up before the ESL Impact season starts.

One week after announcing that the team was looking for one player to fill the void left by Paula "paula" Ramanauskas, Saints have cut ties with Jessica "JKranny" Kranabetter and added two new players to the squad.

Daria "bezdaria" Anokhina and Sophia "eychesdot" are the two new additions with which Saints will try to conquer a spot in ESL Impact Season 3 Finals.

After a winless venture in Katowice, Saints have lost two players in paula and JKranny, and now the team is left with only three members of the original roster that beat EG Gold for the spot in Poland.

According to the team, the departure of JKranny is due to a "skill gap", which can be corroborated by the recent performances of the player.

daria is not a known name in ESL Impact, but the Ukrainian player was very close to making it to the Closed Qualifier for the BLAST.tv Paris Major Americas RMR with skriptovie. The 24-year-old only played the second map in the series against Detonate but managed to get a respectable stat line against an RMR-bound team.

eychesdot joins Saints from ECHO, the team she has spent the last two and a half seasons with. eychesdot was one of the big hitters for ECHO, as the player would more often than not get 20+ frags in ESEA Open games with the former team.

Neither of the two newly added members is an AWPer, meaning a role swap is in the cards for Olga "olya" Kryvulych, as the 21-year-old will be picking up the big green. With ESL Impact Season 3 North America starting in just two weeks, the team is determined to work "extra hard to get caught up".

Saints have shown a lot of promise in the past months, being the second-best women's team out of NA, but with this shuffling of players, it will be tough to maintain that title.

The new Saints roster is:

  • United States Anna "buhnny" Cheung

  • Olga "olya" Kryvulych

  • Iuliia "sckrafft" Gerasimova

  • Daria "daria" Anokhina

  • Sophia "eychesdot"

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February 28, 2023 11:53PM
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