Shimmer request emergency sub for Impact Finals

Come on down to Valencia!

In a bizarre event, Shimmer player Abigail "abby" Deters has been forced to the sidelines as they have fractured their wrist and might not be able to play. The information was revealed in a tweet posted by team's X account late this afternoon. Additionally, the team is looking for an emergency substitute and asked for any European players if they could help out.

This is a brutal blow to the hopes of Shimmer, one of two North American representatives as the ESL Impact Season 4 Finals in Valencia, Spain. The event is set to start tomorrow with the squad playing in just under 16 hours against NAVI Javelins.

In a tweet, abby shed some light on the situation which still remains unclear. "All I can say is I am incredibly immature and do not deserve to play with these 4 amazing players. please someone help them out."

Shimmer are the only orgless squad that have reached the ESL Impact Season 4 Finals. The squad were one of the best throughout the season, only dropping matches against Karma and FlyQuest RED.

If you are interested in helping out Shimmer, you can respond to their tweet here.

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#1(With 1 replies)
December 8, 2023 12:29PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
I have so many questions, is this a LAN dodge but no one is calling it such?
Emergency sub less than 24 hours before the LAN having to surely fly to fucking Spain, just admit you have no passport / visa why make up some bullshit excuse.
#2(With 0 replies)
December 8, 2023 01:07PM
The player is in Spain and has her wrist in a cast.
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