Open qualifier #1 enters qualification matches

Teams fight for four spots at the closed qualifier.

We have 35 teams signed up to play in the single-elimination bracket that decides four teams in the closed qualifier. The games take place over two days, with every game being a best-of-one apart from the qualification matches in the quarterfinals, which are best-of-threes. You can see the bracket on the Gamers Club website. is streaming these closed qualifiers, so hop in the stream and follow along with Ryan "RyanAtDust2" Friend and his friends.

Four teams advance

The final teams have formally qualified for the upcoming closed qualifier during the weekend as Strife, Mythic, Detonate, and timberman won their BO3 qualification matches in the last 18 hours.

  • United States Strife 2-1 4ORMULA

  • United States Limitless 1-2 Mythic

  • Detonate 2-0 United States skriptovie

  • timbermen 2-0 Cartel terraza

Qualification matches happen this morning

While Mythic and Limitless squared off last night, the rest have elected to participate the following day to begin their BO3 qualification matches. There is some controversy as Detonate players were vocal about playing their match last night, however skriptovie forced the game to play at 12:00PM.

skriptovie have been able to make it to this stage without playing a single match, which includes forcing a FF win against an opponent as they did not show up in the server within five minutes.

United States Strife vs. 4ORMULA
United States Limitless 1-2 Mythic
Detonate vs. United States skriptovie
timbermen vs. Cartel terraza

Mythic make it through

After a lengthy series, Mythic have become the first team to make their way through to the Closed Qualifier.

2 - 1
All maps
Mythic K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Austin 'Cooper' Abadir 70 - 51 +19 88.0 72.5% 1.37
United States Erik 'fl0m' Flom 66 - 56 +10 86.7 80.0% 1.23
United States Nicholas 'hate' Young 51 - 54 -3 72.2 72.5% 1.07
United States Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir 56 - 66 -10 83.1 65.0% 1.00
United States Cooper 'Trucklover86' Phelps 46 - 56 -10 62.7 70.0% 0.91
Limitless K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Josh 'JBa' Barutt 72 - 49 +23 90.7 77.5% 1.36
United States Adam 'Grizz' Golden 68 - 60 +8 87.5 67.5% 1.16
Canada Matthew 'scar' Bruni 59 - 62 -3 82.6 76.2% 1.06
United States Kyle 'Wolffe' Greenfield 44 - 61 -17 66.6 73.8% 0.87
United States Kamron 'kmrn' Manii 39 - 61 -22 56.9 73.8% 0.84

Round of 8

The round of eight has started, with Limitless and Mythic electing to play their series while everyone else will be continuing the action tomorrow at 12:00PM.

United States Strife vs. 4ORMULA
United States Limitless 1-2 Mythic
Detonate vs. United States skriptovie
timbermen vs. Cartel terraza

Chaos in Round of 16 as pawt banned against Strife

As the round of sixteen has continued to be played out, Strife vs. Fun Mix has been thrown into complete chaos as pot/pawt was banned during the vetoes by Gamers Club.

Round of 16

Coming into the round of sixteen, these are the last best-of-ones in the bracket. The winners of these games will play in best-of-threes to decide who goes to the closed qualifier. Terraza, due to a bye and two forfeit wins, are the first team to make the round of eight. skriptovie, in the same vein, are also in the qualification games tomorrow. 4ORMULA have made their way to the bo3 stage by a novel concept, actually playing games, winning one whole game to make the round of eight.

United States Strife 16-2 goomba stomp
United States 4ORMULA 16-5 X13
Limitless 16-7 Mad Kings Esports
Mythic 16-13 living like larry
Detonate 16-0 Untitled
Top One Percent 0-1 skriptovie
timbermen 16-10 ClayMakers
cant stop the flop 0-1 Terraza

Round of 32

In this round, we'll see all the teams who received buys in the round of 64 play for the first time. This includes teams like Strife, Nifty's 4ORMULA, Limitless, and crowd favorite Mythic.

Strife 16-2 Team 7AM NA
Fun Mix 16-13 Canada goomba stomp Overturned due to pawt being banned
Jason's Heroes 0-1 United States 4ORMULA
X13 16-1 Berzerk
Limitless 16-13 Reign
Mad Kings Esports 1 -0 waldelocker
Mythic 16-9 ARTYK
living like larry 16-1 Espartanos
bababa banana 5-16 Untitiled
Maritime 5 13-16 Top One Percent
Taxadus 0-1 skriptovie
timbermen 16-11 Team Heroic
ClayMakers 16-10 offBalance
cant stop the flop 16-5 REBORN Dragons
Terraza 1-0 Nine Eyes

Round of 64

With many seeded teams receiving a bye in this round, we'll only see a few matches scheduled for the round of 64. Nonetheless, here are the first matches of the day:

Ocdou 2-16 Team 7AM NA
Penguins of MadaGAScar vs Waffle Party
timbermen 16-0 Dinky Petes
Team Heroic vs Movement players?

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February 15, 2023 07:37AM
surprised limitless lost to mythic
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February 15, 2023 09:11AM
Is Ryan casting the matches? Because that’s the only way I wanna watch the open qualifiers
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February 15, 2023 10:50AM
I am casting! I'll be on the whole time this week except for Sunday. Already made plans that weekend that I can't miss.
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