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Father names son after FalleN

Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction, or just another example of Brazil being crazy about their CS:GO idols.

Brazil fans are some of the most passionate in the world by a lot of metrics - one of them being naming your children after one of the most iconic players of all time. Twitter user "EsfinhaFps" shared a picture back in May, but has only just surfaced now after Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo posted a new picture of the child's ID. The pictures show the newborn child's name: Arthur Fallen de Oliveira Araujo.

In the tweet, the man says, "I named my son in his honor, FalleN. Another Major for Brazil". To which FalleN spoke of the tribute, "My responsibility is very great and I will do my best to have a heart as big as it is. Thank you gentlemen, let's go ahead. Always seeking to be the best version for ourselves and for the world, within our limitations", per a Google Translation of his tweet.

FalleN needs no introduction as one of the most successful Brazilian CS:GO players in history, having won two Majors back-to-back in 2016 and been a perennial contender at the top level. However, playing since 2004 it is clear that the AWPer is recognizing his time is coming to an end. In several interviews since the IEM Road to Rio Americas RMR, he told Dust2.us that he was "aiming to stop at the end of next year" and has since said that he has thought about retiring many times.

Even if his retirement is coming soon, it's clear that he will have a lasting, permanent impact, on at least one young fan.

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December 2, 2022 04:04PM
fallen is a good idol, good choice
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