The biggest heist in CS:GO history and how it's being solved

A simple breakdown of the breach of a two million dollar account.

Early yesterday morning, those with a keen eye on trading expensive skins in Counter-Strike noticed a glaring oddity. HFB, a skin collector renowned for his inventory valuing over two million dollars, seemed to have had his account compromised. Here is a brief summary of what we know regarding the situation.

People began to piece together that something was amiss yesterday when it became apparent that valuable, one-of-a-kind skins owned by HFB were somehow making their way to the market, where the items were sold very quickly for low prices. Seeing items like Souvenir AWP Dragonlores making their way out to market for abnormally little raised the alarm to quite a few people, and it was soon pieced together that the account had likely been breached.

In response to the sale of these items, various accounts that purchased the ill-gained skins found themselves facing community bans. Shortly thereafter, these skins began to be removed from inventories, with buyers being told that "CS:GO Support undid one or more of your prior actions". Later, HFB's own account was given a community ban, likely to prevent any more items from being traded from the account.

Following the removal of items from inventories, certain third-party skin trading websites stated they will refund buyers who had items retracted by Steam, but a considerable amount of buyers are still unlikely to be receiving a refund. Likewise, it is currently unknown if the rolled-back skins have made their way back into HFB's account, or if they have simply been removed from circulation outright. A screenshot taken of a buyer's conversation with Steam Support confirms that items being retracted were sold from "an account that was compromised through a support help request".

As of the publication of this article, this is where things currently stand. It remains to be seen if Steam Support will be directly returning the stolen items to HFB's account, although signs certainly seem to indicate this will be the case.

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