ESEA Advanced postseason down to final four; MIBR and Third Impact cruise to upper final

All four remaining teams are guaranteed a shot at ESEA Premier Season 39 Relegation for next season.

Just four series stand between the remaining four teams and an ESEA Advanced crown for Season 39. The upper bracket final, lower bracket final, consolidation final, and grand final remain with the former two set to be played later this evening.

Every opening round matchup featured a 2-0 series sweep, three of which were upsets in terms of the seeding. Davenport University claimed an minor upset in the #8 vs. #9 seed matchup, while Touch Point beat Vexo in the #6 vs. #11 seed contest, and Kinship pulled off the biggest upset over Valors in the #3 vs. #14 seed series with two thirty-round victories.

In the second round of the upper bracket Davenport University became the first team to take a map off of MIBR this season, but eventually fell to the reverse sweep. X13 traded maps with Omega before thrashing them in their Inferno decider, Kinship continued to wreak havoc by knocking off Touch Point in three maps, and Third Impact cruised to yet another sweep over YeniCherry. MIBR easily swept X13 in their subsequent upper bracket semifinal matchup, while Third Impact ended Kinship's upper bracket run with a convincing 2-0 sweep of their own.

Down in the lower bracket the story quickly became centered around #3 seed Valors, who made an early entry into last-chance territory after their aforementioned opening round loss to Kinship. Since then Valors has reverse swept Vexo, then swept both Omega and 95 Bulls to get a shot at redemption against Kinship in the lower bracket semifinals. Valors got their revenge and defeated Kinship 2-1 the second time around, led by 69 kills from Saad "Pluto" Siraj.

Brazen put together a run of their own on other side of the lower bracket where they swept Redux, Touch Point, and YeniCherry before they were narrowly defeated by X13 for an ESEA Premier Season 39 Relegation berth.

All four of the remaining teams will qualify for ESEA Premier Season 39 Relegation at a minimum, though one will still advance directly to ESEA Premier, which will be rebranded next season as ESL Challenger League Season 40.

Tonight's ESEA Advanced postseason matchups will be:

Brazil MIBR vs.     United States Third Impact
United States Valors vs.     United States X13

The upper bracket final will begin at 8:00PM EST, while the lower bracket final is slated to begin at 9:30PM EST.

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