SATURN and company prevail to guarantee a top four finish at the event

Strife shine in day one of Fragadelphia 16: Denver

The top four teams are decided as Denver heads into day two.

The first day of Fragadelphia 16: Denver has drawn to a close, with Strife securing quick victories versus Holly Molly and Peekers to set up an Upper Bracket final matchup against Volted on day two of the event.

The first round of the tournament saw only one matchup, with ESEA Main side Holly Molly dispatching of All Aim no Brain 2-0 to see themselves face off against the aforementioned Strife in the second round of the upper bracket.

Heading into the second round, Peekers took down the ESEA Season 39 Advanced core of Stomp Gods 2-0, whilst Volted were able to best GODSQUAD in equal fashion. In the matchup between Strife and the previously mentioned Holly Molly, the former would come out on top, moving forward after a quick 2-0 victory. Fourth Quarter’s showing versus The Pond proved to be a closer affair, with Fourth Quarter coming out victorious 2-1 following a 25-23 thriller on Inferno.

The first round of the lower bracket also only saw one game between GODSQUAD and All Aim no Brain, whereby GODSQUAD were able to stay alive in the tournament with a 2-0 victory.

Alas, GODSQUAD's run would end soon after, as the second round of the lower bracket saw Liam "Koi" Regan’s mix team, The Pond, send GODSQUAD home in 7th-8th place after a 2-0 victory. On the other side of the bracket, Stomp Gods moved forward at the expense of Holly Molly following a closer 2-1 scoreline.

Over in the upper bracket third round, Strife made quick work of their foes in Peekers, with Arya "arya" Hekmat and company being dismantled 16-4 and 16-7, on Inferno and Mirage, respectively. Elsewhere, Volted would reign supreme over Fourth Quarter with a 2-0 scoreline to move into day two with a guaranteed top four finish.

The first matchup of the third lower bracket round was between Fourth Quarter and Stomp Gods where a solid nine round T-side by Fourth Quarter on Ancient saw the squad steal the first map of the series 16-10. A more one-sided victory ensued on Nuke, with a swift 16-5 scoreline seeing Fourth Quarter send Stomp Gods home in 5th-6th place to seal the series 2-0.

Meanwhile, Peekers faced off against The Pond, who had the services of voLante's McKinley "Cyrix" Hollison, in a series which would go the distance. A 16-11 victory on map one for The Pond quickly saw Peekers respond in dominating fashion, deconstructing The Pond 16-3 to send the series to map three. Here, it would be Peekers who would come out on top, dispatching of their opponents 16-10 to finish the series 2-1 and guarantee a top-four showing at the event.

After the conclusion of the first day, day two will see the following upper bracket and lower bracket finals, culminating in a best-of-five grand final, with the upper bracket finalist having a 1-0 map advanage.

United States Strife   vs. United States Volted
United States Peekers  vs. United States Fourth Quarter 

The second day matchups are scheduled to begin at 12:30 PM EST where the four teams will fight for the lion's share of a $5,000 prize pool as well as FRAG Points, as seen below.

1. $3,000 + 8,000 FRAG Points
2. $1,500 + 4,000 FRAG Points
3. $500 + 2,000 FRAG Points
4. 2,000 FRAG Points 

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