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Let the games begin | PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR Viewer Guide

The final hurdle before the Major.

The PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR starts today with Complexity v. Elevate and FURIA v. Nouns kicking off the event at 02:00PM. The rest of the day will be filled with another six BO1s, with the last two starting at 05:00PM.

The 16 American teams, eight from North America, seven from Brazil, and one from Argentina, will battle for five spots in the first CS2 Major in Denmark, with one of those spots being in the advanced Elimination stage, the former Legends stage.


The tournament will follow the usual Swiss System Format for 16 teams, which means all matches, excluding the elimination and qualification matches, are BO1s, with the qualifying or eliminating series being BO3s. Just like the previous RMR events, this one uses the Buchholz system to determine seeding.

The major change this time around is that there won't be anyone exiting the tournament with a 0-3 record, because two losses will result in elimination already. Another important aspect that is different from other Major cycles is that the team that advances to the Elimination stage will be decided not through its performance in the RMR but through the Valve Ranking, with the team with the higher seed that qualified skipping the Opening stage (former Contenders stage). This means a team can end with a 3-1 record and qualify for the Elimination stage over the 3-0 teams.

Day 1 Matches and Schedule

Brazil FURIA v. United States Nouns - 02:00PM
Brazil MIBR v. United States BOSS - 03:00PM
Brazil paiN v. Brazil Legacy - 04:00PM
BESTIA v. Liquid - 05:00PM

United States Complexity v. United States Elevate - 02:00PM
M80 v. Brazil ODDIK - 03:00PM
Brazil RED Canids v. United States Wildcard - 04:00PM
Brazil Imperial v. Canada NRG - 05:00PM

Game and Event Previews

Don't know what to expect from all these games? Don't know which games have the North Americans as favorites? Don't worry, has got you covered with previews for each NA game and an editorial article trying to predict the outcome of the Americas RMR with the help of' Discord Community.

Alongside these previews and the predicts the Americas RMR article, there is also a Five players to watch at the Americas RMR piece if you are curious about who has higher chances to pop off during one of the biggest events in the region.

The Americas RMR starts today and throughout the weekend and Monday, American teams will fight for five spots in the PGL Major Copenhagen, the first Counter-Strike 2 Major, and the first-ever Major to be held in Copenhagen. is on-site with Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore and Daniel "Scoobster" Khurgin to bring you exclusive interviews, all while you can stay up to date through' liveblogs and match recaps.

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