d4rty and his mullet are back in town and they're looking for blood

Previewing the RMR | What to expect from BOSS v. MIBR

Both teams should think they can win this one.

This opening matchup presents an interesting challenge for both BOSS and MIBR alike. MIBR want to show that they are fighting for the crown of best Brazilian team, attempting to snatch that title from the long reigning panthers of FURIA. Going down 0-1 early just cements needing three BO3 victories to make the Major, a tall task for any team. BOSS want to show that, as the only unsigned team in the RMR following Elevate's pickup of timbermen, they deserve an organization to play for.

As mentioned above, going down 0-1 early is a terrible way to begin any RMR journey, but alas, one of these two teams will join that 0-1 pool. The question is, will it be the Brazilians or the Americans?

Big BOSS in the house

BOSS need to pull off a strong result early to show they can be one of five Americas representatives at Copenhagen, and there's no better way to do that than defeating MIBR. In recent months, BOSS have been hovering just below the top tier of NA domestic competition, below the likes of M80, Nouns, and Wildcard. Losses in IEM Dallas and IEM Chengdu qualifiers don't paint a gorgeous picture, but a 3-1 record in the Closed Qualifier does.

  • 33 year old talent PwnAlone holds a 1.08 rating since joining the team, that level could be enough to propel BOSS to Copenhagen

  • d4rty was here last year with yur, perhaps that experience can help level the playing field against MIBR

in sani we trust

MIBR have been quietly growing in strength over the past year, and look poised to snatch the Brazilian crown from FURIA (though that credit could go more towards the panthers and their horrific results than anything MIBR have done). A pre-RMR bootcamp in England gave MIBR the chance to catch up on the most recent meta developments, an opportunity BOSS were not afforded due to, you know, the whole orgless thing. That aside, the firepower on MIBR's side should be enough to quake any boots, even if the majority of their players are FURIA fifth man scapegoats.

  • insani is the Brazilian coldzera. Putting aside his JJK protagonist name and my personal high regard for the player, insani's 1.15 rating over the past three months surpasses anyone on BOSS' side, making him the player to watch for this series

  • saffee has struggled recently, only posting a 1.04 rating over the past three months. That's not okay for the big green

  • brnz4n holds a strong 1.18 impact rating over three months, and a strong impact on any casters attempting to say his in-game name

Previous Matchups

These two teams have actually clashed four times before, twice when BOSS was named Wildcard and twice under Detonate's banner, though those were many players and many months removed from where we are now. With that being said, MIBR won every single map played.

Likely Vetoes

As MIBR are the higher seed, #3 of the whole event, they choose to ban first or second. They will likely choose second, as this gives them the ability to choose the starting side on the single map played in this BO1 and will likely push BOSS to remove both teams' permabans, Overpass.

  • BOSS ban Ancient

  • BOSS ban Overpass

  • MIBR ban Anubis

  • MIBR ban Vertigo

  • MIBR ban Nuke

  • BOSS ban Inferno

  • Mirage played

The match between MIBR and BOSS will kick off at 03:00PM.

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