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Official: Jason Lake has bought back Complexity

The storied organization is back under its original founder.

Jason Lake and GameSquare have officially announced that the American founder has re-acquired the company after selling it to the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in 2017. According to the press release, Jason Lake and a group of investors agreed to pay $10.36 million to acquire Complexity from GameSquare.

The move comes after several months of work by Lake who was searching for funding once it was clear that GameSquare was looking to acquire FaZe. With both Complexity and FaZe competing in several of the same esports ventures, the parting makes sense for all of those involved.

In a statement announcing the move, Lake said;

This is an epic moment in the history of Complexity and we're grateful for this exciting opportunity, I'd like to thank the Jones and Goff families and everyone at GameSquare for our years of successful collaboration. Together we've significantly grown Complexity's revenues and built a financially stable organization. It's now time to write the next chapter in our legendary story and I'm confident our loyal fans will greatly enjoy the years ahead.

Lake finally returns to sole control of Complexity after nearly seven years away. This also marks the second time that Lake has had to re-acquire the company, the first time after selling it to DirecTV for $100,000 in the disastrous Championship Gaming Series in 2007.

Complexity has evolved to become one of Counter-Strike's premier brands with the American team being dominant both domestically and internationally.

As for the departure, GameSquare's CEO Jason Kenna explained;

While it is bittersweet to sell Complexity, there is no one better suited to take over than Jason and his team. The Complexity transaction follows the December 2023 sale of our Frankly radio assets, as we continue to optimize our platform ahead of the pending acquisition of FaZe. Once the acquisition with FaZe closes, which is expected in the coming weeks, we are excited to get to work replicating the success we achieved with Complexity at FaZe. We believe this is a win/win for Complexity, Global Esports, GameSquare and the global esports leagues where Complexity and FaZe compete, as many leagues have rules around ownership of multiple teams. We look forward to rooting for Complexity and finding ways to continue to work with Jason and his team.

Complexity plays their opening PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR match today against Elevate as an independent organization.

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March 1, 2024 07:35AM
Fucking W
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March 1, 2024 09:17AM
Jason Lake the savior of NA once again!
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