Emy is officially back!

FlyQuest RED (finally) announce two additions

The new members have been playing with FlyQuest RED for some time now.

FlyQuest RED have announced that Vanessa "vanessa" Gideon and Emma "Emy" Choe have officially joined the squad, after the two players were seen playing with FlyQuest for almost two months now.

While vanessa has been showing out in the ESL Impact scene, Emy is coming back to the RED squad after having been part of the, at the time, CLG roster for five years between 2017 and 2022.

The new FlyQuest RED squad, with vanessa and Emy, debuted during the PGL Major Copenhagen North America Open Qualifier #1 just a few hours before the organization announced the departure of Kelsie "uhKelsie" Click and Marissa "madss" Dasta. Since then, the two new players have been part of the squad having played in ESEA Advanced Season 48. At the moment, the team has a respectable 6-7 record in the league.

vanessa has joined after having spent four months playing with Evil Geniuses Gold in a roster that ultimately was disbanded thanks to EG's departure from the CS industry altogether. As for Emy, she left the CLG Red squad to play VALORANT when in January 2024 she joined FlyQuest RED, unofficially.

With the new additions, FlyQuest RED now have a full roster for the ESL Impact Season 5 North America, where they hope to continue their legacy as the #1 North American women's team. The official FlyQuest RED squad is:

  • Canada Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie

  • Australia Vivienne "BiBiAhn" Quach

  • Coline "Kaoday" Le Floc'h

  • United States Vanessa "vanessa" Gideon

  • United States Emma "Emy" Choe

  • Luca "Munstur" Ioanitiu (Coach)

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