WG Bandits lose crucial piece to retirement

Reef has been with the squad since the very beginning.

In less than 24 hours, two remarkable ESL Impact players have announced their retirement. First, it was Anna "lovergirl" Gutierrez, and now it's Amanda "Reef" Ruiz who is stepping down from competitive Counter-Strike to focus on her mental health and family.

Reef has played in two seasons of ESL Impact North America, first with Hot Flash during Season 1, and then with Factor Ruby during Season 3.

After leaving Hot Flash, Reef's biggest project was U-Turn, and it was with the core of that U-Turn roster that Reef and Co. managed to get support from Factor to become Factor Ruby, qualify for Season 3 of ESL Impact, and continue their journey onwards to become Loot Goblins and then WG Bandits.

More than just a player, Reef was often seen participating in Community Casts during ESL Impact Season 4 always providing helpful feedback to members of the Women's and Inclusive CS community.

In just a day, two members of the original ESL Impact community have left the scene, but left it better than how it was when they joined, and for that, lover girl and Reef's names will live on this community's legacy.

As for WG Bandits, the team is now reduced to four members with ESL Impact Season 5 North America starting in just a week. The current lineup is:

  • United States Kristen "PippySippy" Hendrickson

  • United States Milla "MamaAlien" Schmidt

  • Australia Jayde “Jaydee" Slabosz

  • United States Rose "Tippy" Rolle

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