The RMR starts tomorrow

PGL won't use latest update for Americas RMR

Teams won't have to rapidly adjust to the newest spawns.

PGL announced this morning that the PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR will not be played on the latest version of CS2, ensuring that teams do not have to rapidly adjust to major changes with spawn locations on maps.

Last night's update included several changes to the spawns for Ts and CTs through Mirage, Nuke, Inferno, and Overpass and more.

Adjustments to spawn locations can affects team strategies that heavily rely on timing and positioning at the start of rounds. Valve updating this right before the Americas RMR is unfortunate, however PGL has the ability to play the entire event on the previous version to ensure continuity between all RMR events.

First matches for the Americas RMR begin tomorrow at 02:00PM.

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