Can Swisher and co. take M80 to the Major?

Previewing the RMR | What to expect from M80 v. ODDIK

The Brazilians are the lowest HLTV-rated team in the event at #65 in the world.

M80 entered the new year with a massive loss as IGL Marcus "maNkz" Kjeldsen benched himself. This has put head coach Rory "dephh" Jackson in the dubious position of getting back into the server as a player after so much time away. After an expected early exit in Katowice, the North American squad went silent, opting to focus on practice.

M80 now has a trial by fire as they hope to make it to the Major - even with a coach standing in. To start their run in Monterrey, they will face ODDIK, the lowest-rated team in the event. This doesn't necessarily matter so much as the Brazilians have also been bootcamping for a month and have only played qualifiers in 2024.

God save M80

Naturally, the biggest narrative for this team is dephh's ability, or lack thereof, to frag. M80 is more than just dephh. Although the coach has been the main focus of criticism, there have also been some other players lagging behind when the team needed them the most. With the bootcamp in Europe, there's no doubt M80 have worked on these issues and will show up prepared to the Americas RMR.

  • malbsMd loves BO1s, with a 1.34 rating in these series since last year

  • slaxz- will be the key to unlocking this game

  • Swisher and reck need to continue their usual form

  • dephh needs to prevent being abused by the opponents


This is the lowest-rated team in the event, for the third time, but this is also Adriano "WOOD7" Cerato's team. This guy managed to get Fluxo to the Major and a rebuilding MIBR to the PGL Major Antwerp, with 3-1 and 3-0 records, respectively. This team is dangerous not just due to WOOD7's ability to call but also thanks to Matheus "Tuurtle" Anhaia, who has been on a tear lately. All in all, ODDIK probably won't make it to the Major, but against an M80 with dephh, they might cause some damage.

  • WOOD7 is one of the best BR IGLs

  • Tuurtle 1.17 rating in the past three months

  • naitte, ponter, matios need to shine for ODDIK to have a good chance

Previous Matchups

These two squads have never met each other but malbsMd is a familiar name to the Brazilians.

Likely Vetoes

Following the fashion, M80, who are the higher seed, will probably choose to have the ability to choose the side to start the map. This means ODDIK will start the veto.

  • ODDIK ban Mirage

  • ODDIK ban Vertigo

  • M80 ban Overpass

  • M80 ban Anubis

  • M80 ban Ancient

  • ODDIK ban Inferno

  • Nuke will be the map

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