This wlil be skullz' biggest event with Liquid so far

Previewing the RMR | What to expect from BESTIA v. Liquid

Can Liquid show up strong with their new team?

Liquid hasn't been the most dominant team in North America so far in 2024, despite what many thought upon the creation of the squad. However, they've been steadily improving, giving hope that they will reach their height at this weekend's PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR. They were stunned in the IEM Dallas 2024 Closed Qualiifer a few days ago. Although Liquid demolished Nouns in the rematch later on, those early stumbles must be avoided in this unforgiving RMR format.

Liquid's LAN legions

Liquid on LAN is already significantly better than they have been online. Wins against a donk-less Spirit and GamerLegion are decent enough for them to take on anyone in the Americas RMR. Thankfully for them, neither North or South America are looking particularly strong. So Liquid, despite all their worrying behavior over the last few months, should still take the cake.

  • NAF and Twistzz continue to lead the way with 1.27 and 1.24 ratings respectively

  • cadiaN's performances are concerning, is it just an online issue? He holds a 0.88 rating against top 30 teams with Liquid

  • Can YEKINDAR continue to play a pivotal role in this team? He is the main entry player with nearly 30% of the team's opening duels

Not the BESTIA they've ever been

This BESTIA team is looking a bit rough. They succeeded in getting to the RMR, but they've fallen in the IEM Dallas qualifier, the ESL Pro League Qualifier, and the BLAST Premier Showdown qualifier. The team is rough around the edges and not one that looks like it can prove to be a massive spoiler to Liquid and their stars. But, on a good day, anything can happen.

  • meyern's inconsistency might cost them

  • Noktse at 31 proves the old guys can still hang

  • tomaszin's recent stats prove he's a force to be reckoned with at 1.15 rating over the past three months

Previous Matchups

These two sides have never played one another, with Liquid only forming a few months ago. BESTIA are only the second South American team this iteration of Liquid have played against, with LOS taking the first spot.

Likely Vetoes

Vetoes will be somewhat interesting as Liquid appears to still be figuring out what their best map pool is. Keep in mind that the PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR uses a slightly modified pick-ban structure compared to ESL, for example. Under these circumstances, BESTIA, as the higher seed, will likely choose to be Team B in the veto as it will allow them to choose the starting side on the remaining map.

  • Liquid ban Vertigo (Permaban)

  • Liquid ban Overpass

  • BESTIA ban Nuke

  • BESTIA ban Ancient

  • BESTIA ban Mirage

  • Liquid ban Overpass

  • Inferno remains

Liquid and BESTIA will face off at the Americas RMR on March 1st.

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