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Previewing the RMR | What to expect from FURIA v. Nouns

A tough opening match for NA.

The PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR is starting soon, and FURIA and Nouns will face off in the event's first round. Both teams have aspirations of reaching the Major, as the Brazilians feel like it's mandatory for them to do so. It's a great opportunity for Nouns to finally make it to the organization's first-ever major.

Which feline will appear in Monterrey? A panther or a cat?

FURIA is going through a rough moment, exiting IEM Katowice Play-In very early with zero wins, losing to Metizport, a Swedish young squad, 13-5 twice, and, just recently, losing the IEM Dallas 2024 spot to 9z. The expensive squad has been unable to translate its real value onto the server, sometimes showing glimpses but never managing to do it consistently.

Adding to that, FURIA's form has been heavily criticized by Brazilian fans, putting more pressure on the squad to deliver in the Americas RMR. Can they evolve from their kitty cat performances to the scarier panther form?

  • FalleN and yuurih are the highest-rated FURIA players in 2024

  • arT is still the IGL, FalleN solely AWPer

  • KSCERATO is still struggling to find the same impact in CS2


Nouns have always been able to perform domestically, but recently, they have encountered some obstacles, such as Wildcard, M80, and Liquid. Don't worry. If you are the best and consistently winning, it's harder to identify mistakes and improve, something that Nouns have been doing after the small dip in performance. This is a team that just two months ago changed its AWPer, added a new rifler to the squad, and have already been able to beat NA's top teams and even the "super" Liquid in important matches.

If people argued that there was a lack of LAN experience at the start of this squad core's stint, that cannot be said anymore. This is the moment for Nouns to perform and given FURIA's current state, the time is right for an upset.

  • Jeorge and junior will be pivotal players to Nouns LAN success

  • MarKE's journeyman experience will be crucial

  • nosraC has to continue fragging as the IGL

  • A momentum-based team, Nouns need to start the RMR off right

Previous Matchups

Nouns and FURIA never met after the changes in the North American squad. Prior to that, the Brazilian team were able to win two series against Nouns, both in just two maps. Nouns are looking to start the Americas RMR with revenge.

Likely Vetoes

FURIA's lack of officials really throws a wrench in the works when it comes to analyzing their potential bans. Nouns' map stats also don't help, but for the opposite reason, they have played Mirage, Vertigo, and Ancient nine times and Inferno eight times in the past three months. Mirage and Ancient are the two maps most played by the Brazilian squad, and it will probably end up being one of those two being played.

FURIA have the power to choose whether they start the pick/ban process, so I predict that they will make Nouns go first, granting FURIA the ability to choose the starting side of the map.

  • Nouns ban Overpass

  • Nouns ban Nuke

  • FURIA ban Anubis

  • FURIA ban Inferno

  • FURIA ban Vertigo

  • Nouns ban Mirage

  • Ancient will be played

FURIA has chosen to start Ancient on the T-side recently against 9z, and they ended that half with an 8-4 lead. In fact, FURIA have been starting on the T-side every time they have the chance to choose, during the IEM Dallas 2024 South American Closed Qualifier.

FURIA and Nouns will face off in Monterrey on March 1st.

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