Opening Matches had to be adjusted

NRG invite changes opening Americas RMR matches

A new team means new seeding.

Rocket formally withdrew from the PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR this week after FACEIT banned Damian "EMIYA" Boulware for cheating and admitting that the team used their coach during the Closed Qualifier of the PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR.

The team to replace Rocket in the Americas RMR was NRG, who had lost to the squad in the 2-2 qualification match. Party Astronauts and Carpe Diem also finished 2-3 in the Closed Qualifier, but were ultimately not selected by PGL to head to Monterrey.

Due to Rocket's departure, there is a slight change in the opening matchups for the Americas RMR. Liquid will now play BESTIA while NRG will face Imperial in the first round.

Since Liquid and NRG do not have any ranking points as of Valve's most recent December 18th Americas ranking, they are ranked last for the Americas RMR. Liquid was previously ranked #16 for the event while Rocket was #15. Now, NRG will now inherent Rocket's seeding and will be the 16th seed while Liquid is now the 15th seed.

The new opening matchups for the Americas RMR will be;

FURIA v. Nouns United States
Complexity v. Elevate United States
MIBR v. BOSS United States
M80 v. ODDIK Brazil

paiN v. Legacy Brazil
RED Canids v. Wildcard United States
BESTIA v. Liquid World
Imperial v. NRG

The PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR is set to start on March 1st.

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