Only way for oSee to face YEKINDAR is in the grand final. Can NRG reach it?

Favorites survive first day of IEM Dallas #1 Open Qualifier

Liquid are the favorites to take the first spot in the Closed Qualifier.

The IEM Dallas 2024 #1 Open Qualifier started yesterday with 76 teams fighting for one spot in the Closed Qualifier, where BOSS and Nouns await. Out of the 76 registered teams, there's a clear gap between the mixes, the lower-tier squads and the ECL teams, with Liquid being the outlier.

The only notable upset was Mythic's loss against ex-CatEvil in the night's final round. A win there would have seen Mythic go up against Liquid today, but it was not meant to be.

Liquid cruised to the second day, with two 13-0s and a comfortable 13-4 win. NRG won their first match 13-1 to start their run, following that up with two 13-4 victories. Wildcard also ran through their opposition, as no one was able to win more than four rounds against them despite a late Ian "motm" Hardy substitution. MIGHT's path had some known names along the way, as they had to face BHOP, WICKED, and Carpe Diem, beating them with ease 13-3- 13-4, and 13-3, respectively.

Take Flyte also survived day one after beating up-and-coming squad G3 13-4, who had previously beaten Limitless 13-6. The rest of the bracket saw Party Astronauts almost slipping to five fatguys, as they had to fight for the 13-8 win, but had a much better time against LAG beating them 13-6. Joining PA is One More who defeated FLUFFY AIMERS 13-9 to reach Day 2.

The second and final day of the IEM Dallas #1 Open Qualifier will see more exciting games in the quarterfinals, such as NRG vs. Wildcard and Take Flyte vs. MIGHT. At the same time, experienced squads like Liquid and Party Astronauts will face CatEvil and One More, respectively.

Today's games start at 06:00PM.

World Liquid vs. ex-CatEvil
United States Take Flyte vs. MIGHT

Canada NRG vs. United States Wildcard
United States Party Astronauts vs. United States One More

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