Breaking: NRG invited to Americas RMR

Rocket's loss is NRG's gain after dramatic news yesterday.

Following the confirmation that Rocket have withdrawn from the PGL Major Copenhagen Major Americas, PGL have confirmed that NRG have taken their place in the Major qualifying event. The shifting fortunes of the scene following Rocket's admission of breaking Valve's rules for the Closed Qualifier gives NRG an unexpected chance to make the first CS2 Major after losses to Complexity, Nouns, and Rocket in the RMR Closed Qualifier.

As previously reported, Rocket made the unexpected and commendable decision of admitting to breaking the coaching rules during the closed qualifier to With this admission, they even went a step further and messaged PGL personally requesting their invitation to the Americas RMR be rescinded, a noble gesture from a squad still reeling from Damian "EMIYA" Boulware being banned for a second time for cheating on FACEIT.

While this ban did not automatically disqualify Rocket from the RMR, it left the squad claiming the spot morally untenable, something Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud admitted on X.

With Rocket out of the picture, NRG now have the opportunity to attend their first LAN event as a team and ideally take the fight to the region's top teams after a mixed return to the NA scene. Since signing the roster helmed by Damian "daps" Steele in November, NRG have struggled to truly assert themselves in the NA scene, struggling to supplant the likes of Nouns, M80, and Wildcard to truly contend with Complexity and Liquid at the top of the scene.

While the team will have less than two weeks to prepare for the Americas RMR, the team will likely take the opportunity in stride, having visas already in place for the trip to Monterrey, Mexico.

With NRG, the team list for the PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR is now:

Brazil FURIA
United States Complexity
Brazil MIBR
Brazil paiN
Brazil RED Canids
Brazil Imperial

United States Nouns
United States Elevate
United States BOSS
Brazil ODDIK
Brazil Legacy
United States Wildcard
World Liquid
Canada NRG

The PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR is set to begin on March 1st.

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