Flickshot Series Miami canceled

After falling below four teams, the LAN event became untenable to hold.

Voxel Esports have announced the unfortunate cancelation of their Flickshot Series LAN in Miami due to one of the four teams signed up for the event dropping out suddenly. With the event already set to run with the bare minimum number of teams, Voxel Esports' owner Tyler "Techne" Nguyen said that it was no longer possible to "run the event with the level of competition we had hoped for."

The cancelation of Voxel Esports' second Counter-Strike comes after their first event was a modest success, with ROK Heatwave Series 2023 seeing nine signups, including the likes of FLUFFY AIMERS and Badass. While this second event was set to see the Badass core, now playing as Elevate, return to Miami for a variety of potential reasons other teams were less willing to make the journey out to Florida.

Read Voxel Techne's full announcement on Discord below:

FlickShot 2024 Cancelled
Its with deep regret that I must announce to you all, that FlickShot Series 2024, has been cancelled. Due to low registrations, we simply cannot run the event with the level of competition we had hoped for.

I want to first thank the teams that did sign up: One Peek, Not Even Danish, Swamp Puppies, and Elevate. Though we don't get to see you this time, I look forward to being able to host you in the future.

Secondly, I want to apologize to all those who may have looked forward to our event. Quite simply, we did not provide the event we had promised, but me, along with ROK and the Voxel team, will be working overtime to regain your trust, and to ensure that future events are not only living up to expectations, but blowing those expectations out the water. Miami isn't yet a hub for esports, let alone Counter Strike, but with enough hard work and determination, we at Voxel know we can change that.

What next?
For now, as we work on our next Counter Strike event for later in the year, we have already made plans for diversifying the titles we offer, looking to provide opportunities for other under-developed, or under recognized esports scenes. This being said, Counter Strike is our main focus, and we will never stop providing what we can for our favorite game.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm, and for joining us thus far. Our Voxel family has grown tremendously over the past few months, and we are extremely grateful to have you all join us on our journey to give back to NACS. We will be working to make the Voxel Esports experience one that's truly worth having, and our events, worth attending.

We will return, and we'll come back stronger, and better than ever, ready to provide attendees and viewers at home, a truly unique and fun experience.

In the post, Techne noted that Voxel will try to hold another event later in the year as part of their long-term goal to help build Miami as an esports hub. The cancelation of Voxel's event comes right as Fragadelphia have announced their own Miami LAN set to take place in April — in the exact same ROK venue as Voxel's canceled event. With Fragadelphia having a much larger brand presence and track record of successful events, their event should serve as a litmus test to see if the NA CS scene is willing to travel outside of the game's midwest/east coast stronghold.

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