Rocket withdraw from Americas RMR

NRG are seen as the likely replacement at this time.

After a whirlwind day of news yesterday that started with Damian "EMIYA" Boulware being banned for cheating on FACEIT and ended with Rocket admitting to using a coach during the PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR Closed Qualifier, Rocket have confirmed to that they dropped out of the Americas RMR with immediate effect.

Matthew "nero" Seymour told that the team sent an email to PGL requesting their invitation to the Major qualifier be rescinded, allowing another team to take their place.

The decision comes as a natural progression of Rocket coming to terms with EMIYA's cheating ban while also taking accountability for violating Valve's rules for online events.

It is currently unknown who is set to replace Rocket in the Americas RMR, although NRG being invited is the most likely outcome at this time as NRG were Rocket's final opponent in round five of the Closed Qualifier. While some have suggested that NRG, Party Astronauts, and Carpe Diem play a "last chance bracket" for the spot, there is no precedent for this course of action. Additionally, as Party Astronauts and Carpe Diem have both changed their roster since the Closed Qualifier, it seems highly unlikely. has reached out to PGL for comment on their plans to replace Rocket, however they did not reply by the time of publication.

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Dust2 Birthday cake!
Has PGL spoken about this? There's not much time before the Americas RMR
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February 21, 2024 06:23AM
If nrg didn't get cheated out of rmr in 2 ways lol they probably would be bootcamping right now unlucky
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