Previewing the RMR | What to expect from RED Canids v. Wildcard

The most balanced opening match? Maybe.

One great thing about the RMRs is that most of these teams never faced each other, which adds a bit of uncertainty to these matches. One of the more unique matches we'll see is RED Canids v. Wildcard, two very different teams whose only share is the time they have spent playing together. RED Canids has been a team for almost seven months, while Wildcard has shared the server for just over seven months.

That's not the reason why this match will be very entertaining. It will be a banger due to the amazing talent both teams share, with just the right amount of experience being combined with exciting young players.

Unknown org, familiar names

RED Canids is not a very well-known organization among North American CS fans. During its still young history, RED Canids returned to CS in 2019 after a short, unsuccessful stint in 2017. Despite having had six different cores, the organization has not reached a single international LAN. The new squad hopes to turn things around, as three of the players and the coach have come from Paquetá, who reached the Paris Major Americas RMR, and two former paiN players, one of whom has played in two majors.

This is a squad that features two players with major experience, Wesley "hardzao" Lopes and David "dav1deuS" Maldonado, one player who has been active since 2015, Lucas "destiny" Bullo, one player with NA experience, Gabriel "nython" Lino, and a young gun who clicks very well, Carlos "venomzera" Eduardo.

  • Experience is key at LANs, which only some players have

  • hardzao is the target man

  • Can surprise if they hit the ground running

Wild card?

Wildcard has established itself in North America quickly, becoming the #4 team in' Power Ranking and having already shown they can beat NA's very best, except Liquid. Albeit not as favorites, fans are hopeful for this squad that has a good mix of experience and raw talent.

While RED Canids have destiny who has been playing since 2015, Wildcard also have a dearth of experience of their own. Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz has played in 43 LANs, six of whom are majors, Aran "Sonic" Groesbeek has been playing since 2015, and Gage "Infinite" Green has a long history in tier one North American Counter-Strike. Keller "SLIGHT" Nilan and Josh "JBa" Barutt are the two new young guns coming into the RMR as top prospects hoping to show what NA is made of.

  • Wildcard need to show a strong mental game.

  • SLIGHT has to become a pivotal AWP in this match

  • Horvy and Warden should provide ample advice around the match

Previous matchups

As stated briefly in the introduction to this preview, these teams are complete strangers to one another.

Likely vetoes

RED Canids come into this match as the higher seed, and as such, they will probably choose to give Wildcard the chance to go first on the veto process.

  • Wildcard ban Ancient

  • Wildcard ban Vertigo

  • RED Canids ban Inferno

  • RED Canids ban Anubis

  • RED Canids ban Overpass

  • Wildcard ban Nuke

  • Mirage will be the map

RED Canids and Wildcard will face off tomorrow at 04:00PM.

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