Junior makes his first RMR appearance since 2022.

NA flies out to Mexico

North American teams are getting ready for battle.

It's finally here, the PGL Copenhagen Major Americas RMR. It's been nearly a year since the two regions battled it out in Monterrey, Mexico for the BLAST.tv Paris Major for the last CS:GO Major. Now, eight of North America's best teams will look to secure five spots for the first CS2 Major.

Most of the North American teams are flying out to Monterrey, Mexico today for the competition. Last year, Nouns held a boot camp in the country as a precursor to the event.

Almost all of the North American teams that had participated in European bootcamps in February returned to the continent ahead of time to ensure that their sleep schedule was back in tune.

Complexity, Wildcard, Liquid, Nouns, and M80 have spent a long time specifically preparing for this event, unlike NRG, who earned a last-minute invite following Rocket's withdrawal due to Damian "EMIYA" Boulware's FACEIT ban for cheating.

With games starting on Friday, teams will want to get acclimated to their new LAN environment before playing one of the most important tournaments of the year. Like last year, Dust2.us will be on site providing live coverage over every single match.

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