VulcaN and woajar suspended from FPL-C due to boosting allegations

VulcaN allegedly enlisted woajar to help him win FPL-C on multiple occasions.

Earlier this week, was made aware of allegations against Andrew "VulcaN" Dominguez and Jonathan "woajar" Fruncek that the duo were engaging in boosting in FPL-C to help VulcaN win the hub's top prize on multiple occasions. Essentially, the allegations centered around VulcaN having an unusually high winrate and kills per round (KPR) when woajar was on the opposite team.

While is in the process of investigating these allegations, FACEIT have confirmed that VulcaN and woajar have been suspended from playing FPL-C while they complete their own independent investigation. ESL FACEIT Group Program Manager Jared "Slove" Sloven told, "We're aware of the allegations made against the players and have issued both a suspension from FPL-C while we investigate further."

This is not the first time VulcaN has found himself at the center of controversy for anti-competitive and fraudulent activity. In April, the former Lycus Empire player was banned for a month on ESEA due to account sharing. This would later result in him being dropped by his organization.

Additionally, last year VulcaN was credibly accused by a number of friends and former teammates of borrowing skins and cash before allegedly failing to return the goods for a number of outlandish reasons. While previous activities do not automatically lend themselves to a guilty verdict for VulcaN, it puts the allegations under a higher level of scrutiny due to his history of controversial behavior in the NA scene.

While continues to look into these allegations, the website reached out to VulcaN and woajar for comment, both players did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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