X13 find their five

After nearly a month without a roster, the org revealed its new Advanced lineup.

X13 unveiled their new lineup representing the brand for S42 of ESEA Advanced following almost a whole month of silence ahead of the new season. The majority of talent enters the lineup with experience together coming from the Limitless roster that made playoffs last season.

Leading the charge for the new-look X13 roster is Dave "seziwana" Schrage, who headlined Limitless in performance last season with 88.8 ADR and 11.65 RWS. Right behind him in impact last season was New Zealand talent Aidan “Feral” Wood with 77 ADR and 10.18 RWS to compliment his star teammate.

Joining the two talents in the transition are Andrew "Andrew" Burrell and Austin "Austin" Meadows who were also a part of the Limitless playoff campaign of last year. Filling the void as the fifth player for S42 is James “Gonzo” Madden, who should be expected to bring notable impact into the lineup following an impressive showing last season with Eros. Although he failed to make the playoffs with them, he impressed spectators with 84.8 ADR and 11.53 RWS during his tenure.

Accompanying the lineup is coach Taylor “ioRascal” Hays, who also has built a familiarity with the core after standing behind them as a coach for some time now. The experience and already promising results combined with the bolstered services of Gonzo leaves X13 fans and spectators alike plenty to be optimistic about ahead of the new season.

X13 are now:

  • United States Dave "seziwana" Schrage

  • New Zealand Aidan "Feral" Wood

  • United States Andrew "Andrew" Burrell

  • United States Austin "Austin" Meadows

  • United States James "Gonzo” Madden

  • United States Taylor "ioRascal" Hays (Coach)

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