Dust2 Double Doors #3 ft. messioso: More YEKINDAR, More EG, and a Sad Bear

Newly renamed and with our first guest, Complexity GM Graham "messioso" Pitt.

It's the third episode of the newly renamed show, Dust2.us Double Doors, and we have guest Graham "messioso" Pitt, Complexity's General Manager, to discuss a range of topics. Firstly, Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis will be playing with Liquid again, and also Evil Geniuses have been making more changes, again. Complexity also brought on a new player in the form of Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli. Bad News Bears disbanded and Brazil did Brazil things. Additionally, we have a short Q&A with messioso in the middle of the show.

Timestamps provided below:

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August 5, 2022 07:52PM
i love this show
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