Rogue manager signs timbermen for 2 hours

A normal signing for the American organization has seemingly gone off the rails.

Earlier today, Tempest announced the signing of timbermen in what seemed to a routine announcement for the small American organization. However, after the announce tweet below was live for around two hours, Tempest deleted the tweet while promising "an official statement regarding the teams future with the organization." While announcement misfires happen all the time in esports, especially at this level, sources close to the situation have told that the circumstances of timbermen's signing are far more frenetic and farcical.

According to these sources, timbermen's signing was negotiated by Tempest's CS:GO manager, who allegedly acted without the knowledge of the organization's owners. This is backed up by one of the organization's owners, Rob, alleging himself and most of the owners were unaware timbermen were even being talked to.

This break of protocol and lack of communication, while bad, is greatly magnified by the fact that timbermen are a fairly controversial team in the scene. For context, the core of the squad have been banned multiple times over the years for offensive, racist, and transphobic comments.

While the players have served their bans and have had no incidents in the time since, it is understandable why organizations would be reluctant to sign a squad with all the added baggage that comes with their past mistakes. As such, it is even more understandable why Tempest's owners would go into panic station when the signing of a controversial team is dropped on them without any forewarning.

The consequences of the rogue manager's actions have already seen to have an impact on the organization's operations. Kal, a player for the organization's VALORANT team, announced that he "would never support such a team" and his future with Tempest is in question as a result. attempted to reach out to Tempest for comment ahead of their statement but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Update: Within minutes of publishing this article, Tempest responded to' request for comment, stating:

None of this was really approved by any of the three owners. To give context, one of our owners is moving, the other is working on a boat, and the last one just got out of the hospital, where as the one in the hospital was told he never approved it or knew what really was going on. So there is a bunch of miscommunication/no communication going on really, there is no excuse for this, and it's bringing negative attention to both the org and the players, where as we apologize to those players that this process is causing some issues that have been unseen. We never want to aim for this, this is just what seemed to happen this time in this current situation.

Update 2: Tempest have posted a statement apologizing for the turmoil while announcing that they will not be signing timbermen in the end.

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#1(With 0 replies)
August 6, 2022 08:44PM
give timberman a 2nd chance, haters keep bringing them down
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August 6, 2022 08:52PM
Only keyboard warriors care, keep the roster
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August 7, 2022 08:51AM
I agree they were in the wrong for essentially acting "anti-social" and being toxic to the community that they belong to.

But equally, what kind of precedent are we setting when we hold grudges this long? I can believe someone to be in the wrong, but equally see that they have time served. No matter what; all of these players will have to carry this baggage for the rest of their lives. If they did indeed grow as people, I'm sure they are not proud of themselves. Players like snav and shane that (skill wise) deserve a shot at tier 1, may never get there simply because of this past baggage. So once again I ask: is this not punishment enough? We need to stop detailing every little thing that happens around these guys, and for all of our sakes, attempt to move on. Now, if they act a fool again and things change, we can act accordingly. But the way I see it, we need to stop torturing these guys; and for what? For some sense of "justice"? Or even more perverse things like, "revenge", or "making an example out of them"?

Stop and ask yourself, when in history have we "made an example" of others? And you will soon realize that logic like that is only a justification for more hate and creating more problems. Maybe I'm the idiot here, but I genuinely think that you kill your enemies with kindness. Be so kind to them, that they couldn't possibly be toxic to me if they tried. Apply that logic to everyone, and you'll find that both your mood and mindset will be better off for it. Because at the end of the day, CSGO is a game. It is a game I love, but a game nonetheless. To me, being a good human and striving for internal peace is more important than getting worked up over "mean guy say mean things on internet". Go out, hit the gym, make some new friends, and get lost in your passions. Don't waste your mental energy on the shortcomings of others. Simply wish them the best and hope they can attain the same inner peace that you have.

The TM guys have been maaaaaad toxic to me before. Even attacking personal things like my music taste and voice. But unlike a scared man, I confronted snav and asked him "what did I do to you, why do you hate me?". And his response: "I don't hate you, or anyone :)". And at that moment I knew, these are just socially underdeveloped teens who are talking shit because it is fun for them without grasping the true gravity of their actions. Knowing that, why would I hold a grudge? I simply say, sorry for your weak character and I hope you grow both as a player and person. But I seek not to demonize them because, although I'm far too grown for this now, I would be lying if I said I was never a toxic ass back when I was 12-16. Difference is, I grew out of it much quicker- as does 95% of gamers. But that was because I had adequate socialization skills. I was the HS class favorite for "most talkative". I interacted with everyone and through that learned the nuance of the human condition and that we all grow in different aspects at different rates. So I don't find it that hard to believe that there is a group of teens out there (now men, I know) who have an incredible FPS brain but are lacking in the social department; and have these issues exacerbated by playing in an echo chamber with similarly thinking young men.
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August 7, 2022 10:55AM
I think that they have served their time and definitely should be given another chance at this point. Even ESEA admins agree that they have dramatically improved. I think the only funny part here is that the manager did the signing without telling the organization any details about who they were, their past, or that they were being signed.
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