ADV/ECL S43 LFT Portal

Find the most notable available Advanced and Challenger League talent here ahead of S43.

With Season 42 nearing completion, there are plenty of players looking for a new opportunity to reach new heights. We at Dust2 wanted to give players a proper platform of exposure so that the talent gets the opportunity they deserve ahead of the new season. This list will be updated as things progress toward S43.

Talent Shortlist, sorted A to Z:



Available Talent, sorted by RWS:

Ian “PLx2” Jeong (ESEA)

Age: 19
Primary Role: AWP
Secondary Role: Support

PLx2 was one of the most impactful AWPers and players overall in the regular season of Advanced, despite missing the playoffs. He closed the 6-6 affair with a 1.66 K/D, 84.2 ADR, and 11.84 RWS with the big green.

In their words: “I am a committed player and am always working to improve my game. With my dedication and experience as a primary AWPer, I bring can bring a strong AWP presence to any team. My seasons of experience in-game leading has given me a strong voice to aid in mid-round situations and bring in fresh ideas outside the server. Through my AWPing ability, strong communication, and level-headed attitude I can be a great asset to any team.”

Evindar “Drop” Isik (ESEA)

Age: 18
Primary Role: Anchor
Secondary Role: AWP

Drop was statistically one of the better players inside the YeniCherry lineup last season. He ended the season with a .89 K/D, 76.6 ADR, and 9.91 RWS.

In their words: “I am young and have a lot of room to grow. I learn extremely fast and adapt to new roles quickly. Honestly, I am extremely skilled, I always push others to become a better player, and I try my best to uplift teammates.”

Cameron "legacy” Parkhurst (ESEA)

Age: 20
Primary Role: AWP
Secondary Role: -

legacy made two appearances for TouchPoint last season, ending the pair of showings with a 1.1 K/D, 77.6 ADR, and 9.72 RWS.

In their words: “I qualified for premier my first full season of Advanced.”

Liam “xCAPE” Redmond (ESEA)

Age: 21
Primary Role: Rifler
Secondary Role: -

As another key asset for Earlybirds, xCAPE helped his team to playoffs with a 1.00 K/D, 74.2 ADR, and 9.71 RWS

In their words: “Lots of experience. I don't struggle with burnout really, and I’m always looking to learn and improve. I’ve been around the ADV scene for a while, and while I do set my own seasonal goals, I’m not going to quit if it takes longer to achieve them than I’d hoped for.”

Johnny “JDubs” Wu (ESEA)

Age:: 22
Primary Role: Rifler
Secondary Role: Rotate

JDubs spent last season in ECL with Task Force 141, ending the season with a 0.91 K/D, 82.2 ADR, and 9.29 RWS.

In their words: “I believe that I can be one of the best players in NA if given the chance. I'm a very consistent player and selfless toward the team. I always try to find ways to improve my gameplay, it goes from watching demos to even spending time offline by myself late at night. I put in the work when I'm dedicated to something, and this is something I've been very dedicated to throughout my life.”

Jake “STRiiDER” MacDonald (ESEA)

Age: 22
Primary Role: Entry
Secondary Role: Rotate

STRiiDER spent the last season of ADV entrying for InControl. In his ventures, he posted a .93 K/D, 74.6 ADR, and 9.67 RWS.

In their words: “Highly vocal with mid-round reads and calls. 2x $10k Frag winner, 3x ADV playoffs.”

Muhammad “Mellow” Ali (ESEA)

Age: 20
Primary Role: AWP
Secondary Role: Entry

Mellow spent last season as a substitute for Limitless, leaving him without a S42 appearance. In S41, he ended his season with a .89 K/D, 66.8 ADR, and 8.66 RWS.

In their words: “To keep it short, I provide ideas, communication is good, and I’m super versatile. I can receive and provide criticism in an effective manner. PM me if you need more info.”

McKinley “Cyrix” Hollison (ESEA)

Age: 19
Primary Role: AWP
Secondary Role: IGL

Cyrix spent last season under the Unjustified banner in ECL, where he ended the regular season with a .84 K/D, 64.5 ADR, and 8.53 RWS.

In their words: “I have plenty of experience, am dedicated and am ready to grind.“

Julien “Gurtzz” Grotegut (ESEA)

Age: 19
Primary Role: Rifler
Secondary Role: Lurk

Gurtzz didn't see a server appearance during S42. However, he played with Esoteric in S41, ending his season with a .80 K/D, 68.3 ADR, and 8.47 RWS.

In their words: “I am extremely motivated after a break. I'm experienced and know what it takes to compete at a top level. I am vocal, have a huge voice in secondary calling, help the IGL with strat making and anti-stratting and fixing our mistakes through demos, etc.”

“FearlessBeatle” (ESEA)

Age: 23
Primary Role: Rifler
Secondary Role: Entry

FearlessBeetle spent last season rifling for Revel, ending his S42 campaign with a 0.80 K/D, 67.6 ADR, and 8.32 RWS.

In their words: “I consider myself a jack of all trades player. I feel comfortable in pretty much all rifle roles and can secondary AWP as well. I am very well-rounded and also will likely be your team's hardest worker. On top of it all, I can play 7 days a week.”

Talen “Talen” M (ESEA)

Age: 25
Primary Role: Entry
Secondary Role: Rotate

Talen spent last season with InControl as an entry-fragger, closing out the season with a 0.71 K/D, 63.1 ADR, and 8.11 RWS.

In their words: “I routinely watch demos, aim train, and do anything I can to help my teammates improve. My mental is solid and I will often be the calmest player on the team who is able to defuse bad situations. I teach my teammates what I can on what it means to be a good teammate and friend.”

Michael “Ellis” Ellis (ESEA)

Age: 22
Primary Role: Support
Secondary Role: Rifler

Ellis made single-match appearances with both Golden State Warriors and ASAP MOB, ending his brief ADV season with a .84 K/D, 82 ADR, and 7.21 RWS.

In their words: ”I am dedicated and looking to grind., and am confident in any rifle role that a team requires, from entry to support.”

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