ECL team drops from S42 Relegation

Scheduling conflicts force the relegated ECL team from preventing the ADV demotion.

An unsuccessful campaign in ESL Challenger League for Unjustified has been capped off by a forfeit in the relegation bracket, offering them no chance to earn their way back into ECL.

The forfeit came just moments after their round one loss to Red Wolves. Shortly after the defeat, both AWPer McKinley “Cyrix” Hollison and coach Dennis “Pukha” Bean took to Twitter to break the news that Unjustified would not be attempting their lower-bracket run.

Regarding the reason for the team’s sudden forfeiture, Dust2 reached out to each member of the lineup, including the coach. Justin “jsfeltner” Feltner was the only one to follow back, confirming the reasoning was scheduling.

So basically micro couldn’t play Friday so was basically a waste all together to play tonight and drop out Friday

With the lineup opting to pack it in, members have begun dropping their individual LFT announcements. Their forfeit gives their would-be opponents Snakes Den a free win and advancement through the lower-bracket. Snakes Den now wait for the loser of Mythic/Villainous where they’ll play for a seat in ECL S43.

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