KSCERATO: "We are doing better and better every time"

The Brazilian rifler praised the team's ability to adapt.

Before his game against Movistar Riders, FURIA's highest-rated player, KSCERATO talked with Heccu about the team's recent changes in positions and how that has translated into the server, as well as how they did those changes.

Yesterday, arT said that the team went through some changes, in the way that you changed some positions. Why exactly did the team decide to do it?

We had some time to practice, we practiced for one month probably in Serbia, so we talked a lot about everything, about the games, we watched our games, we watched everyone's games and we figured out how to do it and we changed a lot but we are managing to keep going and keep calm.

And does everyone have now the positions they feel comfortable in?

I'm very confident in my position because everyone said in the team that I'm a chameleon, I adapt fast. Everyone is adapting but we talk a lot about every position, every right thing to do and we are doing better and better every time.

And how exactly do the players try to improve? Do they watch specific demos, or specific players?

Yeah, we watch some demos from players in that position but we talk a lot about everything and we had a month so we talked a lot. We are managing to do that, so let's keep going.

FURIA went on to win the match against the Spanish 2-0 and are unbeatable in Group D after only two games. Tomorrow they will face Liquid at 01:30PM

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