Advanced's top players of the season

Before the playoffs begin, let’s dive into the best players of the first twelve games.

The 16 playoff spots have been clinched, the bracket is set, and the rat race is about to begin as the best teams inside of Advanced look to qualify for next season’s ESL Challenger League.

With games starting tonight, it’s only right we take a dive into the players that dominated the regular season as the playoff stage gets underway.

Over the regular season, 293 different eligible talent graced the server with their presence, with the majority seeking the same goal of advancing to ECL. In the fight for first, the best players eventually separate themselves from the pack while showcasing their ability. Out of 293 players, 210 reached the 200 rounds played minimum. Of those 210, these were the five best players in the regular season:

Showmak3r (Magic School Bus):

1st - ADR (98.4)
1st - FPR (.98)
1st - RWS/R (.069)
2nd - K/D (1.57)
2nd - RWS (14.46)

MSB’s star rifler turned up immensely for his team after a slow start to the season. After performing below 12 RWS in two of the first three games, Showmak3r hit a second a third gear, elevating his performance in the last five games to a 17.47 RWS average and end top three in most major categories.

pr0mise (Snakes Den):

2nd - RWS/R (.064)
4th - ADR (92.7)
4th - RWS (13.61)

pr0mise was a primary catalyst for Snake Den closing the season with the fourth best record at 10-2. His ability with both the AWP and rifle is something that separates him from his peers. What also sets him apart from the rest of the pack is his consistency in impact, as he ended second in RWS earned each round.

Ian “PLx2” Jeong (LFT):

1st - K/D (1.66)
3rd - Frags (276)
T-4th - FPR (.90)

PLx2 graces this list as the best player to miss the playoffs, and perhaps the most talented ADV player without a lineup. During his time with Kari, Ian had no problems showing impact as AWP and in-game leader even in defeat. One of his best performances came in defeat against top seeded Infinity, closing the 14-16 loss with a 31-14 K/D while also handling the tactical duties.

pndlm (Eros):

3rd - RWS (13.95)
4th - K/D (1.49)
T-4th - RWS (13.95)

The Eros rifler did his part helping his team earn a top three playoff seed, largely thanks in part to his efficient fragging. His impressive K/D and RWS is a testament to not just strong mechanics, but strong intangibles as well.

Caleb “jchance” Davis (Reign):

1st - RWS (14.48)
T-5th - RWS/R (.055)

On the topic of efficiency, there wasn’t anyone more efficient than jchance. According to ESEA, the Reign AWPer closed the regular season with an astounding 119-13 K/D while holding the big green, a whopping 9.15 K/D ratio. Despite not making top five in most major categories, the league leading RWS shows how effective jchance can be while wielding the AWP.

Before the start of S42, ADV players gave their votes as to who the ten best players in the league were entering the season. Shockingly, none of these players ended up performing to the projected level of their peers and none were considered for the list above.

Additionally, none of these players made top ten in either FPR or RWS. The competitive nature of the league was going to expectedly shake up how these prospects performed, but these results show just how unpredictable this echelon of NA CS can truly be.

Not every great player makes the playoffs, which can make it difficult for them to receive the proper spotlight. Many great players fall short of advancement in the prime of their career and do not make it out. To prevent that, here are the three best players to miss playoffs:

Ian “PLx2” Jeong (LFT):

1st - K/D (1.66)
3rd - Frags (276)
T-4th - FPR (.90)

Hunter “retnuh” Holm (MTU):

2nd - ADR (97.3)
2nd - FPR (.98)

serv0 (Sigma Males):

3rd - FPR (.91)
5th - RWS (13.44)

It is important to have the hot hand entering playoffs, so ending the regular season on a streak is pivotal. Looking at the playoff teams, Infinity and Snakes Den enter as the two hottest with win streaks of eleven and nine, respectively. With three additional teams sitting at a six game win streak, there are a handful of teams looking to carry momentum into the playoffs.

Time will tell how relevant the regular season performances are once the competition flips to BO3 double elimination. Games kick off tomorrow, meaning we won’t have to wait long to see how these regular season bullies perform in the playoffs.

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