ESEA ADV S42 playoffs set to begin

16 teams remain in the race to ESL Challenger League S43.

The regular season of Advanced S42 has concluded, which means we are down to the final 16 teams competing for a spot in next season’s Challenger League. After strong BO1 showings, the teams will have to prepare for the intensity of a double-elimination BO3 format.

With the first-place team being rewarded a seat in ECL, it comes as no surprise that every single playoff team is gunning for that goal. However, there are four seats on the line in the relegation tournament as well. For those four teams that fall short of the goal, they will be given a second opportunity to make ECL by facing off against the teams relegated during the season.

This season's playoffs will be a particularly unique one, as the six highest placing teams from last season of ADV were either promoted to ECL or have disbanded. That difference leaves the door wide open for a handful of teams to fill the gap and secure a top spot in the playoffs.

Despite the absence of the last season’s top six, there are some familiar faces returning to the playoffs. Earlybirds see a return with the same lineup, and the lineup known as sinister last season returned under the Snakes Den banner en route to playoffs. As for familiar organizations Limitless, Take Flyte, and X13, we see them return to playoffs once again following roster shake-ups.

After narrowly missing playoffs last season, Infinity came back with a vengeance in S42, closing the regular season with the best record at 11-1, as well as the most rounds won in the season. Given the promotion circumstances of last season and the current form of the South Americans, they look poised as favorites to take first place and make it into ECL.

Although Infinity looks strong, there are some teams looking to close the gap and surpass them in the final stretch. Fellow ten-win teams Reign and Eros look to have the resources needed to take them out in the playoffs, but Ininfity’s eleven-map win streak in ADV has them looking like a goliath ahead of the first-round matchups.

For now, playoff teams will have to wait for the official bracket to be released by ESEA later today. Round one matches begin the following day on Tuesday, forcing the teams into a quick turnaround.

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