hallzerk contributed some crucial clutches for Complexity

Complexity trio top charts for clutches at Pro League

The clutch minister may have been in Group C, but Complexity showed Xyp9x how it was done at Pro League.

Complexity silenced haters for now as a result of their stellar display in Group C of ESL Pro League Season 16. The young North American lineup progressed to the playoffs after finishing 3-2, scoring major victories over Astralis, ENCE, and HEET. Johnny "JT" Theodosiou and co. have been experiencing an upswing in form since the addition of Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli. Clutch plays have apparently been a big part of this form, with Complexity converting 27 1vX situations in the group stage - more than any other team at the event.

Leading the way at the top of the charts for clutches is Ricky "floppy" Kemery. Across the five games that Complexity played in Group C, floppy closed out nine 1vX situations, which is not only the most by any player in the group, but also tied for the most in the tournament so far alongside Vitality superstar Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. Second in the rankings for the tournament thus far is the newest member of Complexity, Norweigan AWPer hallzerk who won 8 clutches for his new team. The final member of Complexity who makes an appearance in the top 5 is 21-year-old rifler Michael "Grim" Wince.

Complexity's progression to the playoffs came as a shock to much of the community, especially considering the strength of the competition in the group. The four teams who were predicted to compete for the three playoff spots initially were Heroic, MOUZ, Astralis, and ENCE, while HEET and Complexity were looked upon as dark horses to survive the group. The Dallas-based organization proved their worth, however by beating Astralis and HEET in their opening two games. On the final day of the group, the team did all they could to secure their spot by beating ENCE 2-0, with Heroic dramatically taking down Astralis in the Danish derby to send Complexity through.

With Group D commencing this week, Complexity will have some time to prepare for their first major playoff run together. Grim, hallzerk, and floppy will be putting their clutching prowess back on display when ESL Pro League Season 16 playoffs kick off on September 27th.

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September 19, 2022 02:09PM
first oSee, now Complexity groups, NA is dominating again
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