Pluto and Momo have assembled a squad that can take Bad News Bears' former ECL slot

ex-BNB takes shape

Pluto and Momo's rebuild squad is still deciding on a final name.

In the hours since Bad News Bears announced their dissolution, the team's former Pakistani duo, Saad "Pluto" Siraj and Khizar "Momo" Rehman, have been hard at work assembling a new team to claim Bad News Bear's ESL Challenger League slot. Their toil has come to an end, with ex-Bad News Bears filling out their roster with the additions of Jake "WOOHOO" J., Kevin "consti" Yi, and Andrew "Tender" Cote. Additionally, Seng "Filo" Tu Aung has been added as the team's coach.

Due to this squad only having two players from last season, Christopher "Swahn" Swahn has offered to stand-in for the first four matches of the season to help the squad retain their spot after which consti will take over as the team's primary AWPer. Speaking of consti, a knock-on effect of this move is the demise of Axolotls as consti and Tender's exit from that team left Blake "Elk" Swinson as the last man standing.

Eagle-eyed viewers should notice that ex-Bad News Bears bares a striking resemblance to Pluto and Momo's former team before Bad News Bears — Valors. While the two players didn't play concurrently on the squad, they both briefly worked with WOOHOO and Filo. For Filo, he will hopefully have a slighter longer as ECL tenure as with Valors he was cut and replaced by Chris "aleph" Froden before the team's first match.

ex-Bad News Bears consists of:

  • Saad "Pluto" Siraj

  • Khizar "Momo" Rehman

  • United States Jake "WOOHOO" J.

  • United States Kevin "consti" Yi

  • United States Andrew "Tender" Cote

  • United States Christopher "Swahn" Swahn (Stand-in)

  • Seng "Filo" Tu Aung (Coach)

This new Bad News Bears/Axolotls mix will now wait for the start of ECL Season 42 on August 16th.

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August 3, 2022 07:05PM
hope they can stay in challenger league
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