The loss of Pol0 will fundamentally change Axolotls moving forward

Axolotls lose two

Axolotls have lost their IGL right after surviving ECL Relegation.

After clinching a spot in ESL Challenger League for Season 42, Axolotls have lost two of their key pieces as IGL Marco "Pol0" Hernandez and Connor "jermanji" Buckles have announced their departures from the team. The move comes as something of a surprise as despite a poor performance in ECL Season 41, the team have looked better in recent weeks, winning Fragadelphia 17 Chicago and making their way through ECL Season 41 with little issue.

Despite these recent promising results, Pol0 told that the decision to leave Axolotls was motivated by the team lagging behind other squads in ECL and failing to reach a level that Pol0 and the team were comfortable with. As such, he elected to leave the squad on good terms and focus on streaming FPL while looking for a new squad to take the helm of as IGL.

jermanji did not respond to a request for comment but said in his tweet that he is looking for a new squad he can grind with. Pol0 said that duo are not looking for a team together and their decisions to leave were independent of the other.

Axolotls are now:

  • United States Blake "Elk" Swinson

  • United States Kevin "consti" Yi

  • United States Andrew "Tender" Cote

With the departure of Pol0 and jermanji, Axolotls have little room to maneuver, needing to find two more players while maintaining the current core if they wish to retain their ECL spot. ECL Season 42 is set to start on August 16th.

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