insane is ready to lead a new team after pugging Season 40

Earlybirds wake up with g0ne

After taking last season less seriously, Earlybirds are back on the hunt for an ECL worm.

Earlybirds, an ESEA Advanced lineup helmed by Noah "insane" Eheart, have begun the process of rebuilding their roster, adding former player Nickolas "g0ne" Orescanin. The addition of g0ne also marks a change in tactics for the team, who spent ESEA Advanced Season 40 pugging but are now prepared to field a more serious roster.

Earlybirds was initially formed in the leadup to Season 40 by the core of the former Third Impact lineup that was led by insane. The stated goal of the season was to pug while a number of players took a break from serious competition following a disappointing run in ESEA Premier Season 39 along with real-life responsibilities.

To that end, Earlybirds fielded an inconsistent roster throughout the season that depended on player availability. Of the eight players who debuted with Earlybrids last season, insane, Austin "AJaxz" Janocha, and Dalton "dalton" Ehlers have decided to commit to this more serious iteration of the roster.

Meanwhile, Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez, who was a consistent start last season, told on April 2nd that he will be taking this season off to focus on streaming and content creation.

As previously mentioned, g0ne spent last season playing for The team made Advanced playoffs before being eliminated following losses to Infinity and InControl. g0ne told that he decided to leave despite the successful season due to internal issues and Sebastian "cbass" Bentancor being cut on April 1st.

With these changes, the new rosters are now:


  • United States Noah "insane" Eheart

  • United States Austin "AJaxz" Janocha

  • United States Dalton "doltn" Ehlers

  • Canada Nickolas "g0ne" Orescanin

  • United States Frankie "Champ" Miranda

  • United States Ian "Fur_Daddy" McClive

  • United States Steven "Drayza" Wisemore

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