Will OCEAN rebuild his roster for next season?

subtLe shift in tides sees OCEAN's roster lost at sea

Another team goes through changes with the conclusion of season 27 of MDL.

With the conclusion of season 27 of ESEA's MDL, it's expected that rosters will change players; however, Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien's subtLe roster appears to have seen its day, sources close to the team inform Dust2.us.

The team put up a decent effort in MDL, ending the season 8-8 in 14th place. Five of their matches weren't played until the final two weeks of the season due to the team travelling to WESG, where a lackluster performance saw them out in the group stage 0-3.

24-year-old Derrick "LILMAN" Boyne and 30-year-old Ellis "els" Clay will both retire from professional play, although they may return in the future as other "retired" professionals have. LILMAN has played on the subtLe roster for the last two seasons, whereas els has competed on and off alongside OCEAN since season 10. Although els saw his way out of the roster in January, his history with OCEAN makes his retirement noteworthy.

OCEAN and Leonardo "Laski" Arroyo both intend to focus on their streams, although it is unclear whether they plan to continue competing in MDL while doing so. Matthew "no_one" Congdon's future also remains uncertain, although he is likely to continue competing under a different banner in season 28.

The final change sees Terry "dsr" Rioux stepping down from the team, citing an inability to play with his current internet connection. His internet made the game "unplayable" — a statement sure to cause some frustration for players who recently faced him. Most recently dsr was seen teleporting around Mirage in one of subtLe's final MDL matches against Mythic, contributing towards the stream team losing out on their chance to make playoffs.

With the players on their way out, subtLe's roster is reduced to:

  • Canada Kyle "OCEAN" O'Brien

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Fak man this dude’s teleporting xdxd
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Laski is the ideal male specimen
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Dust2 Birthday cake!
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Dust2 Birthday cake!
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dsr - The Asian with teleportation
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Dust2 Birthday cake!
I could see Laski potentially sticking around
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