Amped pick up first ESEA Advanced squad

Founded in 2023, Amped are looking to increase their involvement in NA CS.

Amped, a Philadelphia-based esports organization founded in 2023 picked up their first ESEA Advanced roster, 5fellas, on April 5th after previously hosting rosters in ESEA's lower divisions. The organization now hosts three rosters across the league along with a women's roster co-sponsored by Snakes Den and Take Flyte.

Taking a look at this roster, the majority of the players are relative newcomers to the upper levels of the NA scene, with Lucas "fatguy" Muncy being the most experienced of the bunch. fatguy is an NA LAN mainstay, having attended the majority of the recent Fragadelphia and NSG LANs. Additionally, his ESEA league experience dates back to 2017 albeit largely in Open and Intermediate until recently.

Dylan "DacS" Chaffin, meanwhile, is the sole player with previous ESEA Advanced experience, while Thomas "bones" Degenhardt has made Main playoffs on a number of occasions. Erantha "mang0" Arachchi and Cole "cole" Andersonare both have competitive experience dating back to around 2017 and 2018, respectively, albeit with breaks in between seasons. mang0 also previously played for Amped in ESEA Intermediate and is no stranger to the organization.

With these players, Amped are now:

  • United States Lucas "fatguy" Muncy

  • United States Dylan "DacS" Chaffin

  • United States Thomas "bones" Degenhardt

  • United States Erantha "mang0" Arachchi

  • United States Cole "cole" Anderson

Amped won their season opener against LEGENDS 13-5 on April 8th, and are scheduled to play their second match of the season against N w G on April 10th at 09:00PM.

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