SEMPHIS is going to focus on the physical elements of esports excellence

SEMPHIS takes on new role at Nouns

SEMPHIS will be taking a less direct role within the team as their Performance Coach.

Nouns have announced that Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen is set to take on a new role within the organization and will henceforth be acting as a Performance Coach and Content Creator within the organization. The change to Nouns' coaching staff sees SEMPHIS take a step back from working with the Nouns core he has been continuously working with since March 2022 when he joined Gaimin Gladiators as part of his transition into coaching.

The move also follows Nouns co-coach Eric "adreN" Hoag taking an increasingly dominant role within the team, with the former Liquid coach being seen on the server with the team for some time.

This change was seemingly in the works for some time, with SEMPHIS first alluding to it publicly in an episode of HLTV Confirmed at the start of April. In his new role with Nouns, SEMPHIS' focus is going to be based around working with the players to improve their physical well-being while creating similar content for the public. SEMPHIS is, of course, well known for his physique and exercise regimen, and with physical training becoming a key part of improving esports athletes performance in-server it seems he'll be a natural fit.

While Nouns' announcement did not mention adreN, it is assumed he will take over day-to-day coaching duties within Nouns as head coach.

With this change, Nouns are now:

  • United States Carson "nosraC" O'Reilly

  • United States Christopher "cJ" Jones

  • Mexico Edgar "MarKE" Maldonado

  • United States Paytyn "junior" Johnson

  • United States Jeorge "Jeorge" Endicott

  • United States Eric "adreN" Hoag (Coach)

  • Canada Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen (Performance Coach/Content Creator)

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