Detonate complete roster for Season 49

Three additions have joined Detonate at the end of the off season.

With ESEA Advanced Season 49 starting tonight, Detonate have completed their roster with little time to spare by adding Dan "dirtydan" Beck and JD "Toasty" Hill. The duo while Tyler "Ravenzs" Kibec has elected to stay with Detonate for this season, seeing the team retain their same core from ESEA Advanced Season 48.

Another addition to the lineup is Teric "Bibby" Ingram, with the coach coming out of a lengthy retirement to join Detonate on trial.

Bibby's return to Counter-Strike comes as the 31-year-old has come out of retirement after pursuing content creation and other enterprises for a number of years. Prior to retirement he worked with a number of squads across the globe including SoaR, AZIO, and the Bulgarian FATE lineup.

dirtydan and Toasty, meanwhile, are at a far earlier stage in their careers, with Toasty having one season of Advanced under his belt while dirtydan is set to play his first season. The duo will be called upon to help Detonate improve from their 5-9 record last season, which saw the team finish far outside of playoff contention.

Detonate are now:

  • United States Patrick "Tr1ck" Stanton

  • United States Jacob "GibbyATL" Gibby

  • United States Tyler "Ravenzs" Kibec

  • United States Dan "dirtydan" Beck

  • United States JD "Toasty" Hill

  • United States Terric "Bibby" Ingram (Trial Coach)

Detonate's first match this season will be against bubibabu tonight at 09:00PM.

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April 8, 2024 07:19PM
They seem like really cool guys
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