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What to expect from Liquid v. MOUZ

I didn't think we'd get this far...

What a performance from Liquid early on in Chengdu! A BO1 win over Heroic followed by a BO3 dub over Major semi-finalists G2 directly clinched a playoff spot for the American team. This next match, a BO3 against MOUZ, would be a cherry on top of the ice cream sundae, securing a semi-final appearance in the arena, should they win. This may be Liquid's hardest challenge yet, but Liquid beat G2 and G2 beat MOUZ at the Major, so if the math checks out, we should have a game on our hands.

Liquid out of the gates

Who would have guessed just how strong Liquid would look at the start of IEM Chengdu? Well, as Complexity's GM Graham "messioso" Pitt put it in the Dust2.us Discord (join today for fun conversation as well as fantasy games and prizes!), "Missing the major was probably a blessing in disguise for Liquid." Two victories over strong, tested squads and they've already secured a playoff spot. Will their hunger continue as they are no longer playing for an arena showing? Let's see!

  • Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken has an eye-watering 1.41 rating over four maps so far

  • Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis has only a 1.00 rating, but a 1.27 impact rating this event, which just shows his aggression with 34.1% opening duel attempts

  • cadiaN has massively stepped up with a 1.12 rating

MOUZ, the group stage warriors

Well, ever since last year's Heroic were dissolved in dramatic fashion, somebody needed to take up the mantle of group stage kings and it appears that MOUZ have put on the crown. Unfortunately for Liquid, this match will not be in arena, so we'll see a full-force MOUZ on the server. MOUZ's opponents have not been all too inspiring, but you can only face the teams in front of you and MOUZ have yet to be defeated.

  • Only wins this event against TYLOO and FURIA, not the most exciting opposition

  • Jimi "jimpphat" Salo is having his usual performance with a 1.20 rating

  • Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin the loanee is having a rough patch with a sub 1.00 rating this event

Previous Matchups

As Liquid is still a relatively new roster with few EU events under their belt courtesy of a core change, these two have yet to face off.

Likely Vetoes

  • Liquid ban Vertigo (Permaban)

  • MOUZ ban Anubis (Permaban)

  • Liquid pick Inferno (92% winrate to MOUZ's 0%)

  • MOUZ pick Overpass (Relatively comfortable for MOUZ)

  • Ancient decider (Both teams like the map, >75% winrate)

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